Purpose of the Regional Commission

The Regional Oil & Gas Exploration and Extraction Commission (Regional Commission) has been formed to educate participating communities and their citizens about the benefits and risks associated with the extraction of hydrocarbons in their area. The Commission recognizes that there are widely diverse municipalities with different population densities, zoning laws, and residential, commercial and industrial profiles and thus may have divergent interests in regard to oil and gas exploration and extraction. Regrettably, the State of Ohio has applied a universal "one-size-fits-all" standard for all communities through its regulation of oil and gas drilling. In view of this, the Commission is pursuing the following:

• For those communities where large-scale gas and oil extraction is appropriate and welcomed, the Regional Commission will work to identify and recommend best practices to help insure the safety and well being of their citizens, and

• For those communities where large-scale industrial operations including horizontal drilling are in conflict with their interests and welfare and may not be welcomed, the Regional Commission will work to identify practical and legally enforceable methods for promoting and protecting their interests and welfare.


Commission By-Laws

By-Laws of the Regional Commission as Adopted January 20, 2015 and Amended February 17 and June 16, 2015

The Village of Gates Mills, pursuant to Resolution 2014-25, has established the Regional Commission to Study and Address Oil and Gas Well Drilling and Exploration, and its members have adopted the following By Laws for the governance and operation thereof.