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Homepage - Regional Commission Report and Recommendations

Energy independence is of national importance. It is a topic of political, economic, and sustainability discourse all across the country. This Regional Commission does not intend to either encourage or discourage drilling as an energy source. Rather, the Commission was formed in January, 2015 to serve as a forum for education and discussion in order to formulate a regional response to safeguard the health, safety, and welfare of the region’s residents in connection with the extraction of hydrocarbons in the Commission’s planning area.

Homepage - Purpose of the Regional Commission

The Regional Oil & Gas Exploration and Extraction Commission (Regional Commission) has been formed to educate participating communities and their citizens about the benefits and risks associated with the extraction of hydrocarbons in their area. The Commission recognizes that there are widely diverse municipalities with different population densities, zoning laws, and residential, commercial and industrial profiles and thus may have divergent interests in regard to oil and gas exploration and extraction.


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