Welcome to the Science/Technology and Environment Committee

The Science/Technology and the Environment Committee will educate the Commission on current technology relating to oil and gas well drilling and production, as well as the environmental impact of such activities on the region.  Responsibilities will be assigned by the Commission and may include, without limitation, informing the Commission on the location and structure of existing hydrocarbon deposits in the region and the region’s geological characteristics relating thereto; researching the effect of wells, production facilities and related activities on the region’s environment, including its flora and fauna, ground water, soil, air and ecosystem, whether from pollution, destruction of ecosystems, loss of trees and habitat, light, sound, dust or debris; and keeping apprised of developing and emerging technology relating to oil and gas well drilling and production and its effects on the region and the environment.

Dr. Ralph J. Haefner to Speak

Dr. Ralph J. Haefner, Deputy Center Director, U.S. Geological Survey Michigan-Ohio Water Science Center, will address the Region Commission on...Read more

Dr. Karen B. Mulloy to Speak

Dr. Karen B. Mulloy will address the Regional Commission on August 20th at 6:30 PM in the Gates Mills Village Community Building.  Dr. Karen Mulloy, an associate...Read more

Professor Anthony R. Ingraffea to Participate in ST & E Meeting by Skype

Professor Ingraffea will participate in the next meeting of the Science, Technology and Environment Committee using Skype. The meeting...Read more


Chair Jerry Bohinc
Kendrick Clittock
Paul Booyens
Raj Aggarwal
Thomas Slavin