Welcome to the Legal And Legislative Affairs Committee

The Legal and Legislative Affairs Committee will research and analyze 1) current local and state laws and regulations, as well as proposed legislation, which directly or indirectly apply to hydraulic fracturing, 2) case law that could affect the fracturing industry, local governance, and land use, and 3) relevant U.S. and state constitutional rulings and legal analyses.  The Committee's goal is to advise the Commission on legal issues that could affect the Commission's work and ultimate recommendations,  create model legislation (primarily local ordinances) to protect and improve the health, safety and property of local residents, and provide best practices and model legislation for those communities and individuals wishing to participate in fracturing.

Regional Commission's Legal and Legislative Affairs Committee Final Report

Al Cowger, Legal and Legislative Affairs Committee Co-Chair, presented the committee's final report to the Regional Commission on November 17, 2015.  "The Commission must take the individual recommendations of Committees and formulate recommendations...Read more

Beck Energy and Monroe Falls

It's round two in the fight beween Beck Energy and Munroe Falls 

"...Read more

Beck Energy Sues Monroe Falls

IN THE SUPREME COURT OF OHIO STATE OF OHIO EX REL. BECK ENERGY CORPORATION, Relator, vs. CITY OF MUNROE FALLS, OHIO By and through its Chief Building Official and Zoning...Read more

Monroe Falls Responds

Beck Energy argues that Munroe Falls has adopted a zoning code that unreasonably stifles development, by zoning all but a small...Read more


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Co-Chair Heidi Robertson
Chris Riley
Phillip Campanella
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