Welcome to the Communications and Political Outreach Committee

The Communication and Political Outreach Committee will inform members of the Regional Commission, residents, the public, applicable political subdivisions of the state, and the media about the research, learnings, and recommendations of the Regional Commission. A network of communication channels, including a website, will be established in order to efficiently communicate within the Regional Commission and to all of its constituencies. A timetable for communications will be determined according to need as issues emerge for which the Regional Commission has an applicable response. In addition, this committee may be assigned responsibility to seek information from constituents about their needs, concerns and knowledge, e.g., exploring the potential for gains or losses in tax revenues and property values from drilling and production facilities, experiences of best practices with regard to safety, or positions on current state legislation or litigation related to zoning, drilling, conservation easements, etc.

Gates Mills Village Council Opposes HB 8

On May 19th, the Gates Mills Village Council passed a resolution opposing proposed House Bill 8.Read more

A Primer on Horizontal Drilling and Fracking

This short, well researched and written article, gives an easy to read explanation of some of the important issued surrounding oil and gas extraction in Northeastern United...Read more

Comments on HB 8

Members of the Regional Commission to Study and Address Oil and Gas Well Drilling and Exploration are very concerned with the "mandate" requirements of House Bill 8. Read more


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